Nanael (Rebellion)
Nanael is an angel from Heaven and the overseer of the Queen's Blade tournament. However, Nanael has a hidden agenda of her own, as she plans to create a male harem and exile all of the women. Due to her foolish behavior in Heaven, she was put on probation and exiled to the mortal world by the Head Angel. As further punishment, she carries a vial of "Holy Milk", which she must not allow to be spilled; she loses powers in direct proportion to how much milk is lost from the vial. Nanael uses telekinesis in combat, and can manifest a sword called the Celestial Saber which can fight independently of her in the anime. She also has various attacks such as the Holy Dive and the Falling Star Kick Nanael's right wing is considerably shorter than the left one, forcing her to beat each wing at a different speed in order to fly properly.